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PP Metro NJ @PPMetroNJ from Newark
Reproductive Health Care, Education and Advocacy
186 following · 152 followers · 79 tweets
Motivated In Ohio @MotivatedInOhio from U.S.A.
This is a site for progressive politics, in Ohio and the Nation.
219 following · 84 followers · 792 tweets
Morphus Bfly @morphusbfly
305 following · 118 followers · 763 tweets
Underground Politics @progressiveup from United States of America
I run a progressive blog and it's a place for anything and everything; Mainly product reviews but also politics and culture. Prticipating in writing a post for military personal and police staff. Owner of this post
267 following · 110 followers · 326 tweets
diane straub @didikins4life from Detroit,MI
A proud native Detroiter, getting off the mommy track, animal enthusiast, blogger, Liberal & Progressive, BSW and Teacher, passion 4 reading & writing but not 'rithmatic, Owner of a pet blog and online pet stuff sale
1199 following · 833 followers · 7406 tweets
Maremare @LittleTweetMare from Home
4 following · 2 followers · 24 tweets
Josh Mathis @politicalstorm from starbucks
Political Commentator,Business Owner #progressives will secure the future of this country Republican's will promote falsehoods & fear #p2 #tlot
1186 following · 585 followers · 1329 tweets
Latino Vote @Latin0Vote from Estado de Washington
Hope, change a better tomorrow ~ it can happen in 2011. 600,000-plus in Washington State. Join us to connect, communicate and activate Latino voters.
74 following · 20 followers · 20 tweets
Charl J @CharlJTweets
feminist, Jewish, liberal who is TTC w/ the ♥ of her life. #prochoice #prowomen #proequality #LGBT #prohealthcare #diversity #tolerance. Some RT's ≠ endorsement
223 following · 172 followers · 1538 tweets
Joy Moses @joy_moses
Joy Moses is a Poverty Policy Analyst at the Center for American Progress with additional interests in racial politics and popular culture.
27 following · 13 followers · 8 tweets
B. Hamm @The__Forest from Mobile, Al, US
An American concerned about the corruption and the far right direction the US is moving in. The Forest a Progressive Political Blog: http://TheForestaPPB.org
1224 following · 1060 followers · 3736 tweets
Kevin Zelnio @kzelnio from Wilmington, NC
Marine Biologist, Science Writer & Communications Strategist, Musician, Evangelist of Open Access, Progressive Godless Liberal
highly influential 1341 following · 1962 followers · 24408 tweets
Gary York @lindberg49 from Sonoma County
Progressive and proud veteran who stands up for a strong Middle-Class. Expose Hypocrisy and Lies. In MY country, ALL men and women are created EQUAL.
204 following · 132 followers · 1568 tweets
Kerry R. Fox @KerryFoxLive from Colorado
Host of 'Kerry Fox Live,' a Liberal/Progressive perspective aimed at the hypocrisies of our times.
455 following · 323 followers · 1364 tweets
Amazed in Brooklyn @Brooklynwatch from Brooklyn, NY USA
Just curious... Why does Profile allow 160 characters, but a tweet can only be 140? But I really am just curious in Brooklyn.
816 following · 450 followers · 3878 tweets
alexmbustillo @alexmbustillo from Paris, France
GooglePlus: gplus.to/alexmbustillo http://fr.linkedin.com/in/alexmbustillo Send me a request.
2732 following · 2483 followers · 12757 tweets
Rachel T. Bint @I_amTheBint from A nice place called Ohio
Biologist, Army Veteran, Progressive Liberal, Atheist, Knitter trying to save the world 140 characters at a time.
237 following · 74 followers · 887 tweets
caroline @memimemimy from Los Angeles
Love politics, rock & classical music, comedy, books, visual arts. Gallery hopping.
814 following · 391 followers · 2911 tweets
BlackCatSociety @BlackCatSociety
Literary enthusiast. Advocates thinking. See: empiricism, reflection, creativity. Supports dialogue. Dislikes like fence sitters.
132 following · 105 followers · 410 tweets
Rinconcito Paisa @RinconcitoPaisa from Staten Island, New York
THE ONLY Authentic Colombian Cuisine on Staten Island, New York. We have everything from Colombian Baked Goods to the famous Bandeja Paisa!
25 following · 6 followers · 3 tweets
lloyd @Art_Guy1
Commentary on human behavior, politics and the arts. I collect rare books, art & historical ephemera. Never tolerate intolerance.
892 following · 1157 followers · 10334 tweets
paul freid @paulfreid from anywhere but a red state
Pissing off right wing morons for sport
159 following · 440 followers · 8036 tweets
Paul Zink @paulzink from Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA
Advertising writer, Progressive Liberal, Amherst College alumnus. Fond of dogs, films, girls, old British cars & the under-rated paintings of JH Lynch.
influential 1931 following · 1559 followers · 17459 tweets
JMatthews @GiannaCordova from in your dreams
just want to learn more and somehow make the world a better place for everyone
325 following · 203 followers · 3953 tweets
Kt Barrett @ktbarr14 from Midwest
Not that interesting.
115 following · 20 followers · 38 tweets
WitsandVinegar @WitsandVinegar from Metro Detroit | Michigan
Official Twitterfeed for the Wits and Vinegar blog. This blog is not affiliated with any organization. My opinions are my own. Liberal, funny, political.
1000 following · 310 followers · 315 tweets
Rachel Brinker @rkbrinker from Corvallis, OR
Grad Instructor in Women Studies @OregonStateUniv, grad student in WS and Env. Soc., climate activist, researching #climatejustice and #fem2 science studies.
514 following · 82 followers · 30 tweets
Roy Lee Taylor @madonna_rox from Nashville, Tennessee
I am a true liberal Obama loving Democrat who loves to discuss politics, current events, & pop culture, & just about anything else! And I'm gay. Deal with it!!!
301 following · 238 followers · 6639 tweets
Joshua Bunton @JoshBunton
Hanging with Troy for roughly 12 years. Have my MBA and MM. Tweet random things.
123 following · 330 followers · 11363 tweets
Keystone Environment @KeystoneEnvir from Pennsylvania
We are the environmental component of Keystone Progress, PA's largest online progressive organization.
243 following · 71 followers · 42 tweets